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Beside Cenderawasih bird, one of icons in Papua is Mt. Jayawijaya with its peak named Cartenz Pyramid. But, did you know, besides as a highest point in Papua and Indonesia with 4.884 meters of height, Cartenz Pyramid also a member of Seven Summit Worldwide. Its peak is covered by eternal snow. But, before to decide to go here, prepare your skills. Wall climbing skill will be useful here. So do you have a climbing skill?

Yes or no is not an important matter for us, but we want to get your mission can be achieved in accordance with your future goals come to Papua.

so what your goal is actually to come to this beautiful place. You can continue the climb as you wish or just enjoy the stunning natural beauty surrounding the Carstensz Pyramid alone. Whatever your goals are certainly under you still need cooperation from us to take care of some important things to get into this area.

Jefalgi Papua Tours is a local operator in Papua have been already experienced several times to make the climb since 20 years ago. We've helped many foreign tour operators to become more successful than us. So this experience led us to a more successful to run the business into the future.


The last few years we are facing some political and security issues that are less pleasant in Papua, especially around Illaga. Trekking trips from the village Illaga be very tiring and too many challenges that do not make sense, especially regarding security during the trip. At the same time and distance it takes around 14 days to reach summit Carstensz. Please refer to the old itinerary of Carstenz via Illaga.

After that we tried to do the climb in a way that is shorter and easier course that travels through Sugapa district, which requires 11 days total. Yet there are also challenges to be faced while in the middle of the wilderness toward the base camp.  Please refer to the old itinerary of Carstenz via Sugapa

Old itinerary

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