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Lake Sentani is one of the leading tourism objects owned by Papua. The lake with stunning views surrounds 24 villages with a variety of arts and culture that are of interest to tourists. Several types and forms of handicrafts such as bark paintings and stone paintings are among the results of art that is very well known in the eyes of the world. Lake Sentani is a beautiful lake that is full of natural beauty and unique local cultural values. 


Visit the village of Asei in the Lake Sentani. We will see the daily life of the local people, sometimes the people here also sell handicrafts and sculpture, stone carvings and bark paintings. 


Enjoy your lunch on the edge of Lake Sentani. While enjoying the beauty of Lake Sentani, you can enjoy tilapia fish food and local cork fish which are very popular in this restaurant. Besides rice, "Papeda" with cork fish sauce is the main food of the sentani tribe since ancient times until now. 


A view of the Pacific Ocean, as shown in the picture. From this place you can witness beautiful memories when the second world war occurred. The allied forces of America were led by General Douglas Mc. Arthur had carried out an attack on the Japanese Army which landed precisely on the coast of Hamadi and the Youtefa bay. This place was famous for "Humbolt bay" during the second world war.


Before return to your accommodation, we will stop at Hamadi Traditional market. This market has long been known as a center for the sale of typical Papuan art goods. In fact, the center for the sale of art goods is considered the most complete in all Jayapura and all other Papuan cities. Most of the typical art items of tribes in Papua are fully available in this market. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many tourists visit the Hamadi Market area only to look for Papuan art goods. These objects, for example, Asmat's totem statue, Lake Sentani's bark painting, Wamena's Noken, and Raja Ampat's Cendrawasih decoration. All of this is widely available at the Hamadi Arts Center and its authenticity is guaranteed as most sellers take these items directly from their original craftsmen.


See and know the culture of the Sentani Tribe and their way of life. Enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Sentani from the height of the hills so you can take pictures freely from several angles. Enjoy local foods in the Papuan style (Papeda/Sago). And local foods such as tilapia fish and cork Pacific Ocean, This view will remind you of the occurrence of the second world war in Papua at the time of Japanese occupation after that place is also where American troops and their allies landed in the Humbolt bay. From a distance you can see the beauty of two large villages namely Enggros and Tobati. Unique Handicrafts that come from several areas in Papua and Papua New Guinea. Statues from the Asmat tribe that are already famous throughout the world. Koteka (Penis guard) is the clothing of several tribes in the mountainous regions of Papua. There are still many of crafts and carvings to be found in this market. All of the above you will not find anywhere except joining this tour.


  • Traditional Foods, eg: tilapia fish food and local cork fish,

  • Mineral Bottled water,

  • Driver/English Speaking Guide,

  • Private Car with A/C,

  • Admission/Entrance fee for objects.


  • Lunch,

  • If there are additional programs other than we mentioned above,

  • Tips and gratuities.


Hotel pick-up is offered for this tour. Note: if you are booking within 24 hours of the tour/activity departure time, we cannot guarantee hotel pick-up. Please inform us your pickup location details when booking or prior to the date of the trip!


Request should be received at least 7 days in advance, subject to availability. 

We will meet you at Arrival Gate of Sentani Airport-Jayapura. Flight delays or flight cancellations are not our responsibility.

We will pick you up at your accommodation as we mentioned. Or We will pick up the traveler with additional cost.

You must contact us for pick up time and place. Delay or misinformation that you submit is not our responsibility.

The trip and time calculation will start from your pickup location with the following time settings:

  • Start 08:30 AM - End 16:30 PM

  • Start 09:00 AM - End 17:00 PM

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