Important Information for Travelers to Papua

It is our hope that you are not wrong on choosing the type of your tour and trip in Papua can even choose the local travel agent who truly professional as your partner in Papua -  If you would like to travel to Papua and learn about the culture way of life,  to see the jungle while to re-fresh your eyes or jungle sport, I think Papua in east Indonesia is one of  the best place in the world which you can visit. To plan a trip in Papua is easy then other people said to you


Trekking Gear For the highland & lowland

We recommend you to bring your own sleeping bags and thin mattress if you travel with us, if you don't have it please to let us know as soon as possible as we can provide it to you before the trip begun. For the Special trip in Papua we will provide such as tents, mosquito net.


So what to bring; depending on the trip you will take, usually Raincoat, torch, lightweight clothing, will be more comfortable in the more humid coastal areas white a light sweater or jacket may be needed in the highland at night. Bring plastic raincoat to cover the camera or other necessary things, comfortable walking shoes, (high booth for Koroway advanture) Sandal, sun hat and block out, mosquito repellent, dark glasses, camera and lost of film.


For Raja Ampat Adventure :

usually raincoat, torch, clothing, Camera, Sun Glasses, Sun Block, Swimsuit, Daypack, Mosquito's spray, Good Hiking shoes, Sandal and personal needs.



We recommend you that travel Insurance be taken out while on traveling to cover against sickness. lost or damage to baggage and personal liability.



Although no effort will spared to provide the requested services, Papua Tours acts only as agent for transportation companies, hotels and all of other contract and will therefore have disclaim responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, change of schedules, or other irregularities caused for arising from circumstances beyond of our control


General Conditions

Occasionally it be necessary to alter or amend itineraries, accommodation and sightseeing arrangement from our agreement of trip, this may be due to the road, weather, infrastructure, local condition and other operational need prevailing at the time and is always made in the best interest of your comfort.

We at Papua Tours unable to guarantee exact arrival and departure time is not liable for any failure make connection with any other service.



After commencement of travel, no refund in full or in part will be given for services included in the program which not utilized.


How to Book

After you have read information above you should made contact to us, or either you may have on other's tailored program then send it to us.



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