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Flexible Itinerary

Jefalgi Tours Papua embraces a flexible itineraries. Each trip has been carefully planned, and the details to, yet as the trip unfold, we remain open the spontaneity of life that surrounds us. In the true spirit of adventure travel, we have found that this flexibility of life that surrounds to fantastically unforgettable experiences. Out local Guides will engage you in and answer questions about things you are interested in. Topics might include culture, the arts, belief system, historical perspectives, and current challenges facing the indigenous people. In casual and open format, the topics that are sometimes hilarious, and always informative.


Trip levels

Depend on your trip, sometime easy, hard, moderate and strenuous, EASY may include travel by minibus or leisurely walking. Treks and accommodation in local homes, village huts, at tents or guesthouses without toilet facilities have no hot showers. The trips between points may open to anyone of good health a spirit for adventure and expeditions. It involves a hard and moderate amount move along dirt paths and muddy. We have some porters to carry your bags to leave you free to enjoy countryside, the porters will give a helping hand and point interesting sites.

Personnel & Porters

Each trip is accompanied by a qualified group leader (Guide), who works in conjunction with local natives. OUR GUIDES are chosen for among other things, their experienced with the areas and skills regarding group work. as true destination experts who provide valuable insights to our guests.


Food During Adventure

We typically share meals "Family Style" Meals on the treks and in remote villages are not eaten in restaurants but are prepared by our personal local cook. During village involvement days, you can even help out if you wish. Utilizing the indigenous vegetables, Fruits, Cans food, Fresh meals, or one place you may enjoy steamed or roasted sweet potatoes (a highland staple) You will also dine on delicious soups, rice, noodles. We will usually start the day with breakfast at our overnight accommodations. In the larger towns, expect lunches and dinners of tasty restaurant fare, featuring Indonesian specialties such as fried rice, assorted noodles etc.


The Weather

As the island large with a variety of different terrain, the weather can vary considerably based on upon location. Papua island is generally hot, wet and humid. Rainfall tends to be heavy throughout the year, with only minor seasonal variations. On north coast rainfall is about 2,500 mm/year, in the mountain (highland) it can be exceed 8,000 mm/year, making this one of the wettest spots on the earth. also one the cloudiest (which poses a major problem for air transport). However, there areas where rainfall is markedly less than 1,500 mm; also drier are section of the North West and North (Jayapura). Temperatures, except at altitude average a fairly constant 29 C - 33 C.

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