I’ve  been living here  for almost 25 years as a tour guide in Papua as I don’t know if there are  more interesting places on the earth as Papua is one of the disappearing world for me. As a experienced tour guide in papua I have some recommendation for you. Travel to papua - It is my hope that you are not wrong on choosing the type of your tour and trip in papua can even choose the local travel agent who truly professional as your partner in papua -  learn about the culture way of life, tribal experiences, wildlife & nature.

Expererienced since 1990 and its establishment year 2000 and until now, our company JEFALGI PAPUA TOURS has become a successful and popular Indonesian Tour Operator with its do specialist character of trekking and adventure from the highland to the lowland and fully concentrate in the custom of the primitive tribe culture and eco tours over papua and west papua.

All our tours of Papua must surely one of the most exciting tours available and certainly one of the most popular tours, trekking, expeditions, adventuring and hiking.



Our specialty: culturally intensive, educational, in-dept travel adventure for people over fifty. On JEFALGI excursions, you experience other culture on deeper leaves than ordinary travel offering. Our trips are though-provoking, surprising, and sometimes close to incredible. You may come away with a different perspective - on the country you've visited... or on your own life.

Papua Dive Master
the best local guide among papua
Huge Experienced since 1991
the best local guide among papua
the best local guide among papua

Jefalgi Papua Tours is also eco-sensitive. One of our goals is to minimize any negative impact on indigenous people and their environments. The concept of sub stainable tourism directs our business philosophy, and is integral to the way we develop and conduct our trips. We donate a percentage of our profits to organizations within the communities visited- as a participant in an JEFALGI experience, you will have a say in directing these donations to local groups involved, in categories such as education, medical assistance, the arts, cultural preservation, and the environment.



Real adventure travel doesn't require training as marathon athlete or pulling dare devil stunts (although any explorer needs to be relatively fit) Rather, we believe that adventure begins in the mind. That's where travelers deal with change, unpredictability, and seeing and going thing they never thought the would.

To prepare you for the experience we will encounter on out travels. Jefalgi Papua Tours has created substantive resource packages that supply you with advance information and advice about packing, other travel preparations, and places we'll be visiting.

License of Goverment:

Jefalgi Atemalem Persada Wisata Tours & Travel is working under legal company with the Government Tourism License No. 413/2001.


Trade Merk: Jefalgi Papua Tours.

Tax ID Number: 02-016-991-8-952-000

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