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Welcome to west papua province), the less-traveled western portion of the island new guinea, we concentrate solely on the southern papua and baliem valley, raja ampat, whale sharks in cenderawasih bay, nestled amidst the jaya wijaya mountain range. The other half of our journey surveys the lowland as we venture south into the jungles and coastal.


We like to think we are an overtaking you with our destination stories the hope is that you find us useful travel agent to this and provide practical advice on every destination it will save your hours of research Because It's beauty untouched and beauty comes so naturally to the equatorial archipelago on Indonesia. The extensive islands are blessed with lush forests, majestic mountains, the prettiest blue seas and sunny skies all year round. Indonesia natural beauty is stunning. When beauty is so effortless and comes as our natural heritage, it is only natural for us to keep it untouched by ravages of time and civilization. YOU MAY SAY : IT'S OUR COMMITMENT TO SAFE, PERHAPS, THE WORLD'S LAST PARADISE.


Join our search for nomadic tree dwellers, and rare opportunities to overnight with them. Explore world-renowned Koroway and Kombai Tribe and magnificent scenery: listen spellbound to our hosts creation myths and life stories. This trip is an excellent way to experience a great diversity of cultures, all markedly different from out own-including jungle treks, one-on-one visits with Koroway Kombai families and mountain village stays


Jefalgi Papua tours unique in the field

Our specialty: culturally intensive, educational, in-dept travel adventure for people over fifty. On Papua excursions, you experience other culture on deeper leaves than ordinary travel offering. Our trips are though-provoking, surprising, and sometimes close to incredible. You may come away with a different perspective - on the country you've visited... or on your own life.

Jefalgi Papua Tours is also eco-sensitive. One of our goals is to minimize any negative impact on indigenous people and their environments. The concept of sub stainable tourism directs our business philosophy, and is integral to the way we develop and conduct our trips. We donate a percentage of our profits to organizations within the communities visited- as a participant in an Papua experience, you will have a say in directing these donations to local groups involved, in categories such as education, medical assistance, the arts, cultural preservation, and the environment.


Gaining the most from group travel

At  Jefalgi Papua tours, we know that even small group are composed of individuals with various opinions and needs. For the short time that your Papua Tours Group is together, we do all we can to ensure that you, its members, can live and work together as smoothly as possible.


We encourage a team approach that positions each traveler as an important and integral member of the group. Intensive group-work and team-building sessions help us to "grow" an even greater experience-particularly helpful on our more remote adventure trips, where team members must really depend on each other group experience-particularly helpful on our more remote adventure trip.

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